About Quest
Quest is a global member driven gaming community based on the thought that friendly people who enjoy playing online games can lead each other to happy places while enjoying to play the games.  While primarily a casual member base, we welcome all members from those who play purely for the social aspect of the game, to those who look to build ties for grouping and raiding.LOTRO One Ring

Quest has a guiding principle that a mature and friendly member base, that treats everyone with respect, will increase enjoyment for all.  We believe that all of our members can be friendly and helpful without being a pushover and communicate effectively with others.

As a primarily mature player base, we realize that real-life has its own schedule that takes priority to the game, and as such, the play time of our members is allowed to vary to their needs. We do not run with tight schedules or high demands of our members.  We value a long term membership as it is the journey and enjoying each other's company, as well as the game, that is most important. We are here to have fun, are you?

Quest LOTRO Kinship
Quest LOTRO Kinship, 2013

Feel free to browse our public area of our site and vist the membership guidelines to learn more about us.

Members can find our Voice/Chat server information here.

You must be a member of Guildlaunch.com to join and use this website. If you are not a Guildlaunch member already, use the register button at the top right of this webpage and follow the instructions. Once you are a guildlaunch member, you can apply to join this and or any other site that is being hosted here at guildlaunch.

to join the Quest website (top Left side of this message). If you can't apply to the website, login or register with GuildLaunch services at the top right side of your screen.

Wait until an officer accepts you (tell an officer in-game that you have applied to the website will be the fastest) to have access to our forums and user guides. Once you have been accepted to the Quest Community, you will then need to add your game characters to the Guildlaunch account in order to join in the scheduled raids on the calendar.

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